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 When you choose Sprout Roofing and Construction for your new roof or roofing repair, you’re choosing trained professionals with a proven track record and excellent credentials. All new roofs and roofing companies are NOT THE SAME!  All of our customers get great pricing on truly the best designed, best installed and best serviced roof there is.  We are professionals who care and take great pride in the product and service you receive.  Call and set and appointment with us and see why we are perhaps the most trusted contractor in the area.   

 We offer a large variety of metal, shingle, and TPO roofing options. Each home is unique and we will advise you of your options based on the specific features and challenges of your home. Our roofs are made to last. 

 To see more pictures of all of our projects visit our Facebook page or call to schedule your appointment with one of our professional team members.  


Exterior Work

 Sprout Roofing and Construction wants to transform the outside of your home or business. A new roof, siding, and windows can increase your curb appeal and the value of your home. Whether you need a small repair because of storm damage or a whole new addition or outdoor deck, our experts have your covered.  


Interior Work

 Sprout Roofing and Construction can also transform the inside of your home or business. From drywall repairs to bathroom remodels, we can make your dreams become reality. We work within your budget and provide great quality work. Check out our Facebook page to see more of our projects or call today to discuss your ideas.  


Carpentry And Repairs

 Sprout Roofing and Construction can find and fix water damage and rot. Water damage affects the integrity of the structure of your home or business and can cause health problems. Let us reinforce and repair your property today.  

Your home can be damaged by the elements if it has been improperly constructed. Leaks can occur outside or inside. Let us weather seal your home for safety and for health.  

 Rot can eat away at the structure of your home. We can reinforce the damaged areas and stop the source of the leak which saves you time and money in the future.   



 Your chimney is a key component of your home's look and function.  It's also a commonly overlooked leak source. Do not let improper flashing or a faulty chimney cap cause you problems. Our experts can handle repairs with a variety of options to fit your needs and your budget.  

 Many chimneys have improper flashing/sealant that slowly degrades or fails over time.  Leaks sneak up on folks.  We are professionals in all aspects related to chimney construction and can accurately assess and advise you regarding this important feature of your home. 

 We offer metal chimney caps as well as mortar caps to match your home's exterior. We can custom repair or replace any chimney cap.    Your chimney cap is custom made to fit your chimney to prevent future leaks and further problems.  

 We also do custom stone and brick work. We can discuss your ideas and form a design together.  


Gutter Cleaning

 Gutter cleaning is an important part of protecting your home. Damage is likely to occur if your gutters are not cleaned regularly. Contact Sprout Roofing and Construction to schedule a cleaning today.  We are the only professional roofing company offering gutter cleaning service. Our trained professionals not only clean your gutters, but also scan your roof for any problem areas. Gutter guards are not created equally. We can advise you on the pros and cons of these versus annual gutter cleaning. 

 Regular gutter cleaning is necessary to protect your soffit and facia. Your gutters can back up into the house causing extensive interior damage and costly repairs that could have been prevented by routine gutter maintenance.  

 Gutter protection is not always fool proof! Contact Sprout Roofing and Construction to discuss our gutter cleaning packages and other ways to prevent leaks and damage to the interior of your home. Faulty gutters can be a big problem if they are not handled properly!