A large house with many windows and stone accents.

Building Homes with Transparency and Commitment

At Sprout Construction, we exceed the current average home builder's quality and communication. For over two decades, we've been committed to fixing other contractor's mistakes as well as building a few select masterpieces for our customers. Quality over quantity is our mantra. While offering to build several more custom homes moving forward, we continue to take pride in our limited number of projects that we can complete, all the while standing behind not just the quality of our work but also the quality of the experience for our customers who entrust us to build their dream home.

Seamless Communication

Communication lies at the cornerstone of our work, ensuring a seamless and stress-free home-building experience for our clients. We've seen the avoidable problems caused by other contractors and learned from them. 

Building Lasting Spaces

We are dedicated to custom home building that stands the test of time and don't require frequent repairs. Our expertise extends to comprehensive dirt work services, landscaping, grading, excavation, retaining wall construction, septic, and more. With Sprout Construction, you get more than a home; you receive an assurance of hassle-free living.

A house with a driveway and green grass.